Vivo Y81, Y83, Y83pro, Y85, Y91, Y93 unlock

 how to unlock FRP pattern pin password on Vivo Y81, Y83, Y83pro, Y85, Y91, Y93 without edl with miracle box 2.82

today I will share you how to remove the FRP pattern password on

your own vivo y81,y83, y83 pro, i85, y91, and y93 without test point

just 512 kb file , we no need to full flash

what is FRP

Google introduced FRP all smartphones running on android five.0 or above version. FRP protection is an associate degree intrinsical security feature of robot phones to shield user’s information, files, and privacy from others. For example- if you forget your Samsung device any place and if anyone can attempt to perform works reset to unlock your device then he put to enter the correct Google account id and password that you were already used on your device. Otherwise, that person can’t access your phone. therefore Google account verification is a complicated security feature till you don’t disable it yourself by sanctioning OEM unlock.

But currently what If you forget your own Google account username password and currently it’s asking you to “Verify Google account” by getting into Google account credentials. Don’t worry we tend to square measure here for you and these days we are going to tell you the way to use the miracle thunderbox  2.82 professional free tools working without dongle or box

first download  miracle thunder 2.82 free tool here

then download the latest Meditec mtk USB driver here

then download and extract Vivo Y81, Y83, Y83pro, Y85, Y91, Y93 auth file and da file (just 530 kb file) here


now open miracle box 2.82 run as admin

on the mtk main tab
choose custom setting
then choose da and auth file you already downloaded
tick two box da and auth important
now go-to service tab on mtk
choose format
don't change any boot and model
only choose 4th boot and model universal mode
now un tick safe mode
and tick auto and advanced FRP
Click start button
if ask attention backup before formatting?
Press N on the computer keyboard or click no one the popup box
how to connect your Vivo y81, y83, y83pro, y85, y91, y93 to USB
switch off your Vivo mobile
wait 10 second
connect your Vivo mobile without pressing any key
it will detect your phone with driver
after the process is done, 
switch on your mobile

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