Vivo Y91 Y93 Y95 V11 Qualcomm unlock

Vivo Y91 Y93 Y95 V11 Qualcomm based smartphone Screen Lock pin password pattern Remove file

Vivo Y91 Y93 Y95 V11 Qualcomm Screen Lock pin password Remove file only 370 kb file no need to full flash or dongle 

If you own a Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11  Qualcomm cpu Android Smartphone user, and forget your pattern lock, PIN lock, or password of the device then try this latest method.  this method can remove the FRP pin pattern lock from Qualcomm Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 mobile. this is not for MediaTek  smartphones

If it is your own  Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11,  then  we will solve your problem by unlocking the pin pattern screen  lock FRP from your device, so just follow this step carefully that helps you to Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 screen pin unlock 

Download Vivo Qualcomm based Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 FRP, And Screen Lock Unlock Files here

First, you need to download  Qualcomm driver here

then Download  Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11  flashing  qpst  Tool here

Download all the files from here above you started to unlock pin pattern FRP Vivo Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 we are here to share only the link to download the files just click on the link and download all files for 100% free.

ok Let’s we Start to Remove Screen Lock Vivo y91 y93 y95 v11

first, download and install Qualcomm Driver on your pc

then download and install qpst tool on your pc

then download prog emmc firehose 8937 Vivo y91 y93 y95 v11.mbn pin unlock file

now watch this tutorial here

then do 

now connect your mobile Vivo y91, y93, y95, v11 with edl mode

by opening the back door and short two-point with tuser

search google how to edl mode Vivo v91 or you're any other model

now open qpst tool you already download

choose flat build 

on the select programmer, click browse and choose

prog emmc firehose 8937 Vivo y91 y93 y95 v11.mbn file

now choose file on the top menu

choose partition manager

scroll down last and right-click on user data and choose

manage partition data and select erase

after the progress done, your mobile was fully unlocked

now connect your Vivo battery strip

switch on your Vivo mobile if not power on 

 connect your charger and switch on your mobile

now the phone will show you message wipe data fail

just click ok

choose wipe cache partition and click wipe cache partition 

after success 

choose to restore all setting and click restore all setting 

after success 

don't do wipe data this is important

click back and select reboot system

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